Curb Appeal Basics

When I decided that I was going to put my house on the market, I knew that I would have to do some renovating first. The house was a good, solid structure, but I hadn’t kept up the outside of it as well as my husband did before he passed away. I knew that I would need curb appeal if I wanted the place to sell quickly. I had my yard landscaped, my home exterior repainted, and my driveway replaced before putting the home on the market. It cost me a bit of money, but it was worth it – the house sold quickly and I was able to move into my brand new condo – much less maintenance work for me. I started this blog about curb appeal, to help others learn how to move their homes quickly too.

Essential Cleaning Supplies


Having a clean work environment is essential to employee comfort and morale. Staying on top of what is needed to ensure comfortable and sanitary working conditions is key to doing this and may be accomplished by keeping a well stocked inventory of janitor supplies. Here is a brief list of essential cleaning supplies for the upkeep of your company.

Vacuum and steam cleaners keep the floor free of dirt.

A vacuum cleaner or a steam mop will be an important component of your cleaning arsenal. When choosing a vacuum, make sure that it is also fitted with attachments that will help to reach all sidings and surfaces within your office for a deeper clean. If the vacuum cleaner requires bags, it is necessary to also keep an extra supply on hand. Depending on if you have carpeted floors, you may require a steam cleaner in addition to your vacuum in order to remove stains. Regularly vacuuming and steam cleaning also has the added benefit of reducing allergens.

Microfiber cloths can be used wet or dry.

Microfiber cloths are beneficial for cleaning multiple surfaces, especially those that require a gentle touch, such as glass, screens, and lenses. These cloths can be used wet or dry in order to handle cleaning. Microfiber cloths carry a positive charge and are very attractive to negatively charged dirt, dust, and grease particles, making them particularly effective at tackling surface grime.

Disinfectant wipes and sprays kill germs.

Especially around cold and flu season, it is important to disinfect common surfaces such as telephone receivers, keyboards, and doorknobs. This is especially true for areas that are moist, such as kitchen and bathroom surfaces, due to the fact that bacteria and pathogens thrive in wet, warm environments. Keeping disinfectant supplies handy for multiple surfaces will not only keep your office fresh, but also ensure that your employees stay healthy too.

Replacement sponges and rags ensure that dirt does not accumulate in your supplies.

It is important to not only stock enough sponges and rags to clean surfaces, but also to order extra supplies for the times when grimes builds up on those supplies. After several uses, sponges can become contaminated with harmful bacteria from the surfaces you are trying to clean. Washing sponges and rags in hot, soapy water and storing them in a cool, dry place will prolong their lifespan. Stocking sponges and rags in multiple colors and using them according to each room or surface they are used for will also help to inhibit contamination.


30 July 2014