Curb Appeal Basics

When I decided that I was going to put my house on the market, I knew that I would have to do some renovating first. The house was a good, solid structure, but I hadn’t kept up the outside of it as well as my husband did before he passed away. I knew that I would need curb appeal if I wanted the place to sell quickly. I had my yard landscaped, my home exterior repainted, and my driveway replaced before putting the home on the market. It cost me a bit of money, but it was worth it – the house sold quickly and I was able to move into my brand new condo – much less maintenance work for me. I started this blog about curb appeal, to help others learn how to move their homes quickly too.

How To Get Started As A Property Manager

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Getting a job as a property manager can be an amazing break for people that are good with money, people and keeping track of small details. However, if you've just gotten a property manager job and feel a little bit over your head, follow these basic guidelines to get a head start on your success.

Create a Contact List

Before you start your job as a property manager, you need to create a highly-detailed contact list that includes the names of all of your tenants, their phone numbers, their e-mail and their license plate numbers. This will help you keep track of their whereabouts and to guarantee their safety.

Your contact list should also include the numbers of the following:

  • Emergency contacts, such as fire, hospital and police
  • Plumbers
  • Carpenters/repairmen
  • Carpet installers
  • Nearby restaurants and pizza parlors

The latter contact is perfect for summer days when you're hosting apartment block parties. You should also create relationships with each person on your contact list to ensure they know you, trust you and are willing to help you when you need it.

Screen Potential Tenants

Obviously, you're going to want to let only the best possible tenants into your complex. The following traits are what you should look for when screening potential renters:

  • Willingness to settle
  • Complaint-free personality
  • Friendly, outgoing nature
  • Full-time job and a vehicle
  • No bad habits, such as smoking or drinking

Great tenants make your job easier by keeping you out of trouble. Imagine renting to a terrible tenant who is always late with his rent, smokes in his home and parties every day versus an elderly couple who pay on time and live a quiet, retired lifestyle.

Increase Apartment Safety

The best way to make your job easier is to increase apartment safety. After all, if you're dealing with unsafe living conditions, your tenants will be unhappy and more likely to move out.

Follow these apartment safety tips to ensure an increased level of safety in your apartment complex:

  • Start a community watch
  • Change the locks every time you get a new renter
  • Repair the exterior to make it harder for burglars to break in
  • Inspect the wiring of each apartment to avoid fires
  • Talk to the police and see if you can schedule regular drive by inspections

Remember, that renter safety isn't limited to protecting them from crime: you also need to make sure their apartment is safe from fire, floods and inconveniences like frozen pipes.

These are just a few of the simple ways you can streamline your property management position (at a place such as Horizon Court Properties). If you follow these steps and keep a positive, friendly relationship with your tenants, you should have no problem getting into the groove of your new career in no time.


6 February 2015