Curb Appeal Basics

When I decided that I was going to put my house on the market, I knew that I would have to do some renovating first. The house was a good, solid structure, but I hadn’t kept up the outside of it as well as my husband did before he passed away. I knew that I would need curb appeal if I wanted the place to sell quickly. I had my yard landscaped, my home exterior repainted, and my driveway replaced before putting the home on the market. It cost me a bit of money, but it was worth it – the house sold quickly and I was able to move into my brand new condo – much less maintenance work for me. I started this blog about curb appeal, to help others learn how to move their homes quickly too.

Tips And Tricks For Taking Better Indoor Picture For Your MLS Listing

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Awful pictures can reduce interest in your MLS listings. While many people don't have problems taking good exterior pictures of houses, interior pictures are a different matter altogether. Here are a few tips to help you take better pictures of your properties' interiors:

Have a Point of Interest

Don't just hold up the camera and shoot, you need to create a point of interest in each picture even if your main aim is to show the size and shape of a room. You can do this by identifying an object of interest and using it as your focal point while taking a picture. Examples of suitable focal point objects include the kitchen table, fireplace, bed, and other features. That way you get the object of interest, as well as the surrounding space.

Maximize the Use of Natural Light

Your camera's built-in flash is useful for brightening your pictures, but this can also create unsightly shadows of objects and reflections on shiny surfaces in the room. To prevent such happenings, try to make as much use of natural light as possible. You can do this, for example, by opening all the blinds, windows, and doorways.

Choose Overcast Days

It is true that bright pictures are better than dull ones, which means daylight pictures may be better than nighttime ones. However, photos taken in bright sunlight may not be the best if there are bright rays and beams streaming through opening such as windows.

If possible, try taking some photos during the day when the sky is overcast. That way you take advantage of natural lighting, but you avoid the white streaks or blobs that tend to ruin pictures taken in bright sunlight.

Get Inside a Closet for a Wide Angle

Wide angled pictures give prospective clients good, detailed views of a room, but they aren't easy to get. A useful trick is to get inside a closet to capture the widest view possible. This works because the closet gives you a few extra feet for your view. You can also get the same effect by shooting from corners or doorways

Don't forget to invest in a quality camera and tripod. Smartphones and compact cameras may be good enough for beach vacation pictures, but you want better equipment for your MLS listing photos. Lastly, take as many pictures as you can (and from all angles) and sort them later. This may help you from having to stage the house again for further photos when some don't come out so well.


17 March 2015