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When I decided that I was going to put my house on the market, I knew that I would have to do some renovating first. The house was a good, solid structure, but I hadn’t kept up the outside of it as well as my husband did before he passed away. I knew that I would need curb appeal if I wanted the place to sell quickly. I had my yard landscaped, my home exterior repainted, and my driveway replaced before putting the home on the market. It cost me a bit of money, but it was worth it – the house sold quickly and I was able to move into my brand new condo – much less maintenance work for me. I started this blog about curb appeal, to help others learn how to move their homes quickly too.

4 Great Reasons To Rent A Townhouse In Canada

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If you are in the market for a rental, you don't have to settle for an apartment. If you are looking for a little more space, and something that feels a little more like a home, you should consider renting a townhouse instead. Here are four great reasons why you should consider a townhouse over an apartment for your next rental home. 

#1 Washer & Dryer Hookups

One of the best reasons to rent a townhouse is because they generally come with a lot of extras that you are not going to find in your average apartment. Since townhouses are built to feel like homes, they generally come with a laundry area that includes hookups for both a washer and dryer. If you are really lucky, a washer and dryer may be included in the unit. 

#2 Community Amenities 

When you rent a townhouse, you are likely to be sharing your space with individuals that also own their townhouses. Most townhouses come with community amenities. These amenities can range from a community park or garden, to a community pool or fitness center. Since you are renting your townhouse, you should be able to take advantage of all the amenities that were made for people who own their townhouses.

#3 Less Neighbors

When you live in an apartment building, you have to deal with neighbors above you, below you, and potentially on all sides as well. You have to get used to and accept the environmental sounds of numerous neighbors. When you live in a townhouse, you don't have to deal with as many neighbors. You'll only have neighbors on the sides, and you will not have to deal with people above and below you. The structural layout of townhouses will also make it easier for you to get to know who your neighbors actually are, which can increase your feeling of safety.

#4 Better Layout For Living Space

Townhouses are multi-level living spaces, and often have bedrooms on multiple different floors. For example, the master bedroom may be located on the main level, and then there may be bedrooms upstairs as well as living space downstairs that can be used as a bedroom if necessary.

If you have kids, this will allow you to create a space just for your kids to hang out in, as well as a more adult space for you and your spouse. If you have roommates, it will be easier to divide up the space and have a little privacy. You could easily turn the basement into an additional living room area so that you and your roommate could each have living space and bedroom/bathroom space that belongs to each one of you. 

If you are looking for a new rental, consider checking out the townhouse rental market. Townhouses offer lots of space, fewer neighbors, and community amenities that can make the rental experience more enjoyable.


11 May 2016